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 Force Blader Guide

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PostSubject: Force Blader Guide   Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:58 am

How Skill my Force Blader?

First of all, if you naturally go to the Growth Goal.

and if the stats are met, the rest of the points on Dex Grab. Since Dex first, Def rate increases,

the Fb needed, and additional points will attack.

What are the Buffs?

All Buffs as rapidly as possible to expand LVL 20.

* Regeneration + Aqua Vitality (Aqua vitality to learn, otherwise to 4 skilled leave
in order to later combine)

* Lightning Blade + Iceblade .. (Of course it all again
skillfully it away, to move to the higher, the two are a combined at
Lvl 140) fire blade from lvl 160 with the 2 other combined *
so u get much much crit dmg and critical rate ;D
(if u have done ur class ranks!)

* Earth Guard

* Wind Movement

For PvP & PvE

I recommend a combo which many DoT skills sets.

The combo I use, and come so quickly to succeed against big bosses:

PvP & PvE:

* Assault Force LVL 20

* Assassinate Lvl 9

* Infernal Impact Lvl 15

* Force Slash LVL 20

* Dance Of Ruin LVL 20

If you do not "friendship" to PvP, you can make the opponent either with Hard Luck debuffs.

Previously but was "no debuffs" I said, this is not welcome.

Of course, also quite effective: Exceration, fadestep, manafreeze, Combo Start.

But not against wizard, because the 3 until you have casted debuffs since you probably already flattened.

If your opponents now have little HP, I recommend infernal Impact as a finisher,

Power and good damage, and something for the eye ;D,
as mentioned already for PvE mentioned ...

Now to my combo I Warchannel or on the War in the nation to use,
it is useful against several simultaneously to fight, I here renounce
largely DoT skills as quickly much damage to the opponents to be made.

* Force Assault 20

* Infernal Impact Lvl 15

* Assassinate Lvl 9

* Force Drive LVL 20

Abbys Crystal * LVL 20

Upgrade Skills

* Sixth Sense

* Vitality Mastery

* Defensive Sense

* Ofensive Sense

* Damage absorb

* Impact Control

At the beginning, one could also take reflex rather than Sixth
Sense because wegskillen but relatively expensive, I would slot until
the release, which is the level not quite so bad.


* Of course on this private server Mithril / forcium items

However, I would only recommend a set osmium begin ..

thereby learn more equal to its HP to ensure

and the benefits of skills-hour estimate.


shows you the possible items with amp and Sword of Deathblow searched,
the more the better.

And critical damage, and HP is always good.
so you can use 2x rol +2 (ring of luck +2)

or other words that is the force which is a blade makes!
much critical rate and damage

another option would be a significantly high HP and HP leech.

* Buff for the first Battle Mode:

Magic attack (ie Magic Arrow, etc.) ~ ~ ~> increased attack

Fire attack (ie Fire Arrow )~~~~> etc. increased attack

Ice attack (pronounced Icearrow etc.) increased ~~~~> attack

Lightning attack (ie Lightning Arrow, etc.) ~~~~> attack increases, there ^ ^

Earth assault (ie Earth Arrow, etc.) increased ~~~~> Def

Water attack (ie Aquaarrow etc. )~~~~> increased Hp and Mp

Wind attack (pronounced Arrow wind etc) ~~~~> Def-rate increases, and Attack Rate

buff for the second battle mode:

any magic skill fired a "shot" from .. after u used a sword skillfully executed yet.

this "shot" does the same dmg as your previous sword skill!
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Force Blader Guide
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